What Our Young Writers Are Saying

"I entered the Lighthouse workshop not knowing what to expect. I found myself again." —Isis from the MLK High School Outreach Program

"Lighthouse is so aptly named. I wish I had all the money in the world to give to you guys. However, all the money in the world could never repay you for what you've done and provided for my daughter."
—Jane, mother of Cassidy in the after-school 4-week workshops

"The Lighthouse college essay class was incredibly helpful. Not only that, but the teachers were very friendly and really took into consideration your ideas and thoughts.  During the class I finished a solid rough draft. In the class, we analyzed other college applicants essays, and not just the run-of-the-mill college essay, but some really creative pieces that illustrated that the college essay doesn’t have to be a bore to write. I grasped a better understanding of what colleges look for in the college essay, and with that knowledge I feel much more confident in writing my own." —Sadie from the College Essay Craft-a-Thon class

"On behalf of Fulton Elementary School, I want to thank you for your exemplary job of teaching our after-school writing enrichment class. This experience was strengthening and what I would describe as cathartic for many of your students. Each student was so proud of their accomplishments, and you supported each in having a positive and enjoyable experience. Thank you also for the writing celebration at the conclusion of the class. Fulton is well aware that you've spent many hours in addition to the ones for which you were paid creating a situation in which each child could be successful." —Ms. Dallas from Fulton Elementary

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