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Becoming a member of Lighthouse not only has its privileges, like discounted rates for workshops and literary events, but it also means that you care about literature and creativity—and you care about literary community here in Colorado and beyond. You believe in the power of the literary arts, and subscribe to the notion that a thriving arts culture needs good literature, and good writers.

Lighthouse members are entitled to the discounted member rate for all adult workshops and enjoy a host of members-only writing events including Friday 500, Member Writing Hours, and Willfully Submit. New in 2015: Lighthouse members qualify for discounted subscriptions rates to Colorado Review and Copper Nickel. Plus, you can feel the good vibes, because your membership supports:

  • The largest independent literary center and organized literary community in the West,
  • Visiting Author Series and Writer's Studio events, and
  • Our vibrant Young Writers Program.

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Membership Levels

The Evergreen Membership. You love the work that Lighthouse does and what the Lighthouse community has done for you. You want to provide that consistent support for all of Lighthouse's programs, provide your support in affordable monthly amounts, and never have to worry about your membership expiring. Become Inked In as a monthly sustaining donor and we'll honor you an evergreen member for the duration of your montly support. Click here to set up your monthly Inked In support.

$40/Year—The Student/Retiree/Teacher. You’re a struggling student, you’re blissfully retired, or you are leading the next generations into an educated world. Join at this level and you’ll receive our e-newsletter and invitations to member events and parties. You like parties with witty repartee, don’t you?

$60/Year—The Standard Membership. You love literature. Your head is full of ideas for a novel, book of poetry, memoir, or screenplay. Lighthouse can help. At the basic membership level, you’ll receive a discount on all adult workshops, special rates for yearly retreats and events, the e-newsletter, invitations to Lighthouse events including parties, readings, and more, and a subscription to the Lighthouse e-newsletter.

$120/Year—The Working Writer. You’re the backbone of the literary community. You take workshops and you love to talk about ideas with fellow writers andreaders. You buy (new) hardcover books as gifts. You want to ensure that Lighthouse is around for years to come. With your support, it will be. Join at this level and receive all of the membership benefits listed above plus a swanky Lighthouse journal. 

$250/Year—The Literary Mentor. You read, you write, you’re a vibrant leader in the community. Others look to you for inspiration and encouragement. We’re inspired by your support, and at this level you’ll receive all the goodies listed above plus one ticket to Inside the Writer’s Studio (please contact us in advance to reserve this ticket) and a hardcover book personalized and signed by one of our award-winning faculty.

$500/Year—The Patron. You’re the rare and generous benefactor that has been supporting great art for centuries. (Are you a descendent of the Medicis, by any chance?). You know that the world would be a darker place without books and plays and poetry. At this level, you’ll get all of the member benefits listed above, plus two tickets to Inside the Writer’s Studio (please contact us in advance to reserve these tickets) and free admission to a half-day workshop.

$1000/Year—The Publisher. Art for art’s sake? Dandy. But literature is more powerful when it’s available to the masses. You’re a generous sort and you understand that your support makes Lighthouse possible for everyone. At this level, you’ll get all of the member benefits listed above, plus free admission to a one-day workshop or Lit Fest craft session of your choice.

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